Sunday, 5 February 2017

8 Stuffs to delete before selling an iPhone

An iPhone is a valuable item and reselling it can definitely can get you a hefty sum. It might have been extremely useful but there are reasons to pass it on, like upgrading to the next one or changing your brand preference for a while.
However, there are certain important things to keep in mind when you offer your device up for sale. Your data is important to you and there's no need to let it fall into the wrong hands. Be sure to delete all of the below information and take precautions says the iPhone 6 camera repair technicians.

1. Apple Watch Unpairing
This is a pretty simple move but be sure to do it by navigating to the My Watch app. Press the information icon next to your watch and click Unpair Apple Watch. The phone will create a backup as well, if you want to pair it with another iPhone.
2. Backup the Phone
Probably the most obvious thing, this can be done through the manage storage option on iCloud. Photos can also be chosen to be backed up separately as well.
ITunes can also backup your data. Select your device and backup after connecting to a PC and choose the encrypt data option if you want your health and activity options from apps saved.
3. iMessage set off
Go to Messages under settings and switch iMessages to off.
4. Switch off activation
The Find my Phone feature is an easy thing to forget but be sure to deactivate it.
5. iCloud sign out
Navigate to iCloud from Settings and sign out of this important part of your phone’s convenience.
6. App Store sign out
Your Apple ID is responsible for all your cool apps, music and movies. Leaving it logged in is inviting users to take advantage of your savings. Be sure to sign out of it from the iTunes Store.
7. Factory settings restore
Perhaps the most convenient thing to do, this can be done under the reset option under General settings. Erasing all content and settings will require you to enter your Apple ID, password and your restrictions password too.
8. Carrier notifications
The carrier that you use should be aware you're no longer using your iPhone so dial a call and let them know to remove it from your personal account says the iPhone 6 screen repairservice providers.

So, there you have it. Finish all these steps and moving on to a new phone and a different experience can be done stress free.

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