Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 tips to get your stolen cell phone back

Phones are dear to everyone, and a major part of our life relies on it. It doesn’t need any mentioning that it even costs a fortune and after spending so much, you will certainly not like to lose it. We are talking about the chances of getting your cell phone stolen. Believe us all it will need is a bit of carelessness and open handbag to lose it.  However, there are few steps that can be taken in case you have lost your phone; some of them are given below.

Take quick action

The moment you find out your phone has been stolen you need to take action about it. 90% of the times, a phone is stolen in switched on condition, which means you need to call your mobile operator. The mobile operator is going to block the line and will prevent the thief from using the contact services.  And, if you are lucky to have the IMEI number with you, then you can even get your handset blocked.

Report it

Once your phone gets stolen, you come under the legal boundaries to file a complaint about it. When you call your operators for blocking the line or handset, they are likely to ask for the documents stating about the missing complaint. Or even when you call for insurance, they will need the documents as proof says the iPad repair parts providers.

Change all the passwords

It is likely that your smartphone has every possible password in it. People nowadays use their smartphones to manage several of their accounts, and while doing so, they forget about identity theft.  As soon as you find about your missing phone, you need to change the entire password. If the passwords are changed, you are going to minimize the damage substantially.

Prevention is better than cure

According to the iPad screen repair Toronto technicians, you should take some preventive measures to keep the contacts and credentials safe. At first, you need to set strong passwords, a combination of fingerprints or gestures are considered the perfect.
Certain mobile operators also the choice of setting up geolocation, this will you a control over phone’s location. You can even make the adjustment for setting your handset data remotely. To secure the data, you can sync it with online storage to keep hold of contacts and photos.

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