Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Smartphone Covers: Which one is the toughest of all?

Smartphone is one of the prized possessions for anyone, and most of us dare not to leave home without it. But with just one fall, this prized possession of yours can be damaged. But, why to take a risk, when you have a way to protect it? 
While most of the Smartphone owners use a protecting case, there are still those who are not worried about the damage. We have listed some of the best phone cases you have ever come across.

Element Case Rev

Element Case Rev is one of the best-looking cases one can have on their list.  It’s slim and sleek and looks pretty good in the luminous red black. Designed with a diamond-like pattern, this phone cover is lightly weighted too.
At just 42g, Element Case Rev is hardly going to add any weight to the S8. The cover protector can withstand heavy bumps and has passed even the US military specification drop-test requirements. You can also add a glass temper to protect the front of the screen.

Otterbox Defender

The Otterbox Defender didn’t pass the military like the previous one on the list, but it has certainly passed the Otterbox Certified Drop+ Protection test. It means the cover has gone through 24 different tests, including abrasion, sweat, and drop. The phone cover gives ample protection to the phone, except for the screen. If your phone is a very dear possession to you, this is certainly a right pick for you.

UAG Monarch

Available at $84, this 41 g phone case is one of the best covers you can opt for your phone. It consists of tough armour frame, which happens to absorb all the impact and shock.  The Smartphone already consists of grain-leather for an impressive look and polycarbonate shear plate to maintain the stiffness.  To make it impact resistant, rubber and alloy frame is being used.
 From the back, it looks ruggedly handsome and a tyre-like thread covered in a metal frame. Even if you drop the phone, it is hardly going to leave any impact in it says the iPhone5se replacement screen providers.
According to the AppleiPhone 5se parts providers; these are some of the best smartphones you can add to your list.

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