Sunday, 5 November 2017

5 ways to use your Smartphone while travelling

Smartphones are one of the best gadgets when it comes to travel-friendly accessories.  This is going to be the tiniest accessory in your backpack, yet it can serve a number of purposes. From searching for the trip to keeping you in contact with your friends and family, it stays with you throughout the journey.
Apparently, you can use it in a number of ways and cut down the luggage while traveling. Here is how:
Use it as a Map
Your Smartphone has location service enabled on it, which allows you to use Google Map on it. The Map can show your location even when you are offline. However, it is not going to tell you where you are heading towards when you are offline. For such purpose, you can take advantage of the screenshots. Just click the directions of the screenshots in prior.
As a personal assistant
You just have to call for the apps like Siri and Google and then you can have your tickets and reservations done says the Apple iPhone 6s parts providers. Flight bookings, restaurant reservations, or any regular search, you can handle most of the tasks in seconds.

Use it as a currency converter
 Managing the money in a new country is nothing less than learning maths from the very beginning. But if you have your Smartphone in your pocket, this is not much of a problem. Within seconds you will have the entire calculations in front of you. Apps like XE Currency are likely to simplify your task as it also allows you to work offline says the iPhone 6s Screen Replacement technicians.

Use it as a camera
Your Smartphone has already replaced the digital camera in everyday use, and with smart phones like iPhone, they are giving a tough competition to the digital cameras. You can take equally breathtaking images with the latest flagships of iPhone and Samsung. So, let your bag be a little less heavy.
Use it as a weather forecaster
When you are camping, it becomes utterly necessary to know the future weather condition. In situations like that, it is important to have a gadget that keeps you updated with the upcoming weather. Apps on the cell phone come handy in such cases. It keeps you informed about the humidity, temperature, rain, as well as lightning.

Take a cue from here and we are sure you can shed off several pounds from your backpack. 

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