Sunday, 3 December 2017

The best tablet you can buy in 2017

Even though tablets are super exciting, this is one such gadget which is hard to define when it comes to features. First, it was iPad and then came the Android that pushed the boundary by bringing an ultimate mix of phone and tablets in the market. Even Microsoft pushed the trend with Windows Surface devices. While you are buying the tablet, make sure it is perfect for video editing, spreadsheet, and other daily jobs. To make your search easier, here we have a quick list of the best iPads in the market:

iPad 2017

As the name suggests, the iPad was released at the beginning of this year, marking its legacy as the best tablet on the market. The best thing about this laptop is its price, which starts at just $329. Not that it has the best screen in the market, but it doesn't bother most of the people. The iPad supports TouchId to improve the security, plus it comes with a good stock of apps. With the $329 model you will get 32 GB storage, and with $429 there will come 128GB. What you have to adjust with is the absence of the Apple Pencil and keyboards.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5

For those looking for best of best, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro is one suitable choice. Looking at the price tag, it appears a little costly, but you will like to invest this much for the performance it offers. Use this tablet, and you will find this smartphone to be as powerful as any of the smartphones. 
Talk about the screen, and you are going to see the best screen ever with exact colors and definition. For $649 you are going to get 64GB, and if you are ready to spend a bit more, then there comes the Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, and everything else.

Amazon’s Fire Tablet

Amazon’s Fire Tablet is still struggling to make its place among the range of tablets. Even we never wondered to get such a cheap tablet ever, but it’s there. For $80, they are useful for some basic tasks like watching movies and reading books. It’s a real gift you can bring to your kids as it does have limiting access to track the usage.

Even iPad 4 is one good choice says the iPad 4 repair parts providers. According to iPad 4 screen replacement parts it has one of the best screens you can find. 

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