Wednesday, 28 March 2018

5 things that iPhones can do but Android can’t

iPhone and Android are the biggest competitors in the smartphone market with millions of users for both the operating systems. Both of these phones have their perks, but there are some features in which iPhone has an upper hand. Today, we are going to talk about those exclusive features which you will get only on the iPhones. Let’s see what are those features:

Spam message filter

Spammed inbox is the most irritating thing you will find on an android interface, but such annoyance is not created on iPhone. The iOS 11 utilizes machine learning to filter spam messages, which means you will only have the most important messages in the inbox, the rest will be thrown into spam.

Native screen recording

Samsung does support screen recording, but it is not the native feature for Android. However, iPhone has already adapted do the demand allowing the iPhone users to natively record their smartphone content using external voices. The same feature can be used to create gifs also.

Synchronised messages

IOS supports cloud services for messages too, which means now your messages will be synchronized across all the devices using the same account ID. This feature is yet to be supported by Android though.

Integrated money app

One of the most interesting features of IOS 11 is the money transfer feature using messages. In Android, you will have to download different apps to tansfer money, but iOS 11 can directly transfer the money using text message. It enables you to transfer money into others bank account. We are still looking forward to this feature on Android devices.
Drag and drop support for content
In Android, you have to copy and paste content, when using in different apps. However, for iPhone, you can now drag and drop the images and URLs in whatever app you are using. Just one click will be required to transport the images says the iPhone 7Plus replacement parts sellers.

Control the battery and performance    
Controlling the battery performance is not a feature of any other operating system than iOS. You can now control the battery and performance of your phone using the control feature of iOS says the    iPhone7 Plus screen replacement technicians.

No wonder iPhone and android have so much to offer to their users, but these are some features in which iPhone certainly wins.

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