Tuesday, 24 July 2018

How to kick your smartphone addiction?

Smartphone addiction is one common problem faced by most of the cell phone users around the world. People find it difficult to disconnect with their Smartphones most of the times. However, no matter what sort of addiction it is, there is always a way to get rid of it. All you need is a little of enthusiasm and focus.

What is Smartphone Addiction or Nomo phobia?

Does a low battery phone bring anxiety to you? Do you ditch an important client mail just for checking the last Facebook Like on your photos? Well, this is called Nomo phobia. You need to distance yourself from your phone, in order to avoid further detritions of mental peace. Nomo phobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone, which is present in 1 individual out of 10 at a lower or a higher level.

How to get rid of Nomo phobia?

Switch it off an hour before bed

Your phone is the biggest hindrance in your Good Night Sleep. If you want to have a healthy sleep, switch your phone at least an hour before bedtime. Do not put it on silent; just switch it off to avoid any sort of vibration and blinking. Till the time, you hear vibration and beeps; there is a chance to look back for notifications. Bluetooth keyboard leather case providers recommend going for “Do Not Disturb” mode or Landlines in case of emergency.

Don’t depend on phones for alarm

Smartphones come with a number of utility and that’s the reason behind its addiction. The setting alarm is one of the many causes; we keep our phones with us. Never stick to that idea, instead go for a real clock. Waking up with a phone in your hand is the worst way to start your day.  A real clock placed at an adequate distance from you, will not just help you wake up, but will also give you a chance to start your day more actively.

Set a definite time for checking your notification

Even If your work life totally depends on a smartphone, try fixing a half an hour slot for it. If not, you should give at least one hour gap before checking your phone again. 

Practice these tips and you will get rid of your smartphone addiction soon says the Bluetooth accessories providers.

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