Thursday, 21 April 2016

PET Glass Screen Protectors for Your Phone
iPhone repair business is somewhat driven by the broken and cracked LCD screen replacements. Whether it is the iPhone 6repair in Mississauga or Samsung phone repair in Mississauga, there is a huge demand for the phone screen guards. With so many products in the market, it is difficult to recognize the best one and customer get into the predicament of selecting one over another. They often tend to pick the wrong accessories for their phone and this is nothing, but the lack of awareness. To help you select the right accessory at the right price here is an elaborate guide to PET Glass Screen Protector that is in high demand all around the world. So, let’s see what PET is and how can it help your phone stay safe for hours.
As the competition rose in the market, PET glass screen protectors came into existence.  You can get the PET Glass screen protectors for the following model:
•    Samsung Galaxy s3 White
•    Samsung Galaxy Note II (white)
•    Samsung Galaxy S4 (Black & White)
•    Apple iPhone 5 (Black)

What is PET Glass?
PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate. This glass protection is mainly used as the reinforcement player in the Gorilla Glass. It is rather effective due to its great strength which is attained by changing the melting and cooling stage of the glass. They contain polyester film and are given matte coating on one side and silicon adhesive on the other side. After the process, a light-weight, thin glass protective layer is attained. With the distributed pressure over the phone, the chances of the LCD crack is reduced and even during the severe  fall of the phone there won’t be any big damage. Even the glass itself hardly gets affected by it.
Further, if you really don’t want to pay the heavy money doses for your cracked LCD, better go for the PET. They are economical and safe option to protect your phone from any further damage. The affordability of this glass protector makes it the perfect choice for old and cheap phones. However, in the case of scratches, it is resistant to small scratches only. Yet, you can easily go for it when going for Samsung phone repairin Mississauga.

So, the next time you go fora phone repair do ask about the PET options available and make your phone last longer.

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