Sunday, 1 May 2016

How to Recognize Fake LCD ScreenBefore Leaving for Samsung repair in Toronto?
How do you differentiate between the real LCD screen and fake LCD screen repair? Of course, you need to do it; after all, there are thousands of providers around you and almost millions of products, so how will you come out with the best one. To help you track the best product and escape any mishap, here are some great tips for you:
Resolution Quality
To reduce the cost of the LCD screen resolution, the manufacturers try to cut the corners. However, 95% of the new models have HD quality DPI that means there can't be any cut around the LCD. To judge an LCD, you must have an original one as it will enable easy recognition of the phone. Also, you will need to download a high-resolution image as it will make the comparison easier for you. Whenever you go for cracked iPhone 6 screen repairs in Mississauga or any Samsung repair in Toronto, do look for these factors.

Flex Cable Markings
The markings on the LCD flex cable and digitizer can also enable you to find the fake iPhone LCD. However, the first one to focus on is – the digitizer flex. If the cables’ white lettering is covered with a black sharpie, it is possible that it is refurbished original part. Even, the below-given data will help you become the original one:
•    Digitizer/LCD Condition grade: V on digitizer flex as well as on the LCD flexes
•    Original LCD but fake digitizer: No V on digitizer flex, but available on LCD Flex
•    V8 Engine on the Beetle/Foolish Factory: V on the Digitizer Flex, but absent on LCD flexes
•    Fake iPhone LCD Screen: Absence of V on Digitizer as well as LCD flex
Consider these essentials and make the selection after that.
Check the IC Chip
The chip on the flex cable that is used to regulate the power and display information can also be used to recognize the originality of the chip. On the original ones, there is an upside-right triangle, but if this sign is missing from the chip, assume it to be a fake one. So, whenever, you go for an iPhone 6 repairs in Mississauga have a look at it in advance.

So, the next time you buy an LCD screen makes sure you get the right one for the right price.

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