Tuesday, 10 May 2016

iPhone Charging Problems: 5 tips from iPhone 6 Screen Repair Experts

Having a power-related issue with your iPhone? No need to worry, this can be due to slow charging. iOS devices often encounter charging and boot problems, but this is not something to panic about. To solve the charging problem, you first have to check the issues being encountered. This will be the first step towards analyzing and solving all the existing issues:
Try another charger
Sometimes the trouble can be nothing other a dead charger. So, before going for a close inspection change your current charger and see if it works.
Check the charging port
One of the initial causes of the slow charging can be damaged battery. Malfunctioning of the battery can be observed by the swelling of the battery. Unfortunately, the battery of iPhone cannot be removed and you will have to notice it from the swelling in the back of the phone. Once done with battery checking, do look for the issues in the charging port. Please make sure there is no dust or small particles in the port. If you find any issue, go to a store that can efficiently repair the charging port or change the battery. Usually, any shop that can perform iPhone6 screen repairs can handle this task.

Update your iOS
Continuing withthe old apps without updating them regularly can be the real problem behind the dead battery. This is a no-brainer; all you need to do is – go for the latest updates available and minimize the problem. If you are not able to perform this task on your own, go to the iPhone 6 Screen repair shops.

Switch off the phone while charging
For someone who cannot stay without their cellphone, it is difficult to switch off the phone for even 15 minutes. But,  you will be surprised to know that switching off the phone while charging can dramatically decrease the charging time. So, before you go to your nearby provider ofthe iPhone 6 repair Mississauga, try this one simple trick.
Factory restore

Out of curiosity, we perform so many experiments on the iPhone that it decreases the efficiency of the cellphone. One core solution of bringing it back to the right position is by going to factory restoration. Reset to factory setting and observe how the phone behaves without any apps on it. If everything goes well, blame it on one of the apps.

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