Sunday, 26 June 2016

6 Major problems with iPhone 6 and their possible Solutions – Part 1

A lot of people complain that they are facing certain problems with their newly bought iPhone 6 Plus. There have been issues like broken skin, camera not working, unresponsive touchscreen and much more. No need to panic as it is no brainer and you can handle it with all ease. All you need is a smart guidance and all these problems will be solved without any chaos.
To start with, let’s see what these common issues are like and how they can be solved:
Cracked screen
Some people say iPhone 6 easily gets damaged and they have to opt for iPhone 6 screen repair services. Usually, it’s not a big deal as these efficiently built phones have  a limit to pressure and can tolerate the big hit up to a limit. To escape the big hassle, one gentle idea is – investing in protective cases. There are affordable cases available in the market that won’t cost you much.
Bluetooth not Working
Some of the iPhone users do complain about issues in connecting to other’s Bluetooth devices. Most of the complaints are when they try to establish a connection in the car and this is not confined to one model of car. Well, only Apple knows the real issue behind it, but all the older versions worked fairly good in the cars. So, before you go for an iPhone 6 repair service providers, go through the below-given techniques:
One quick way to shun this trouble is to delete all the existing pairing and go to Setting – General – Rest and then Reset Network Setting button. Now touch the Sleep/wake buttons together till the Apple Logo appears. This isit; you can now connect to your phone devices. Going to factory setting is also a reported solution to the issue.
Unresponsive Touch screen
The unresponsive touchscreen doesn’t mean that you directly need to go to the iPhone 6 screen repair services. Follow this steps first and decide on the further steps:
·         Try Restarting your phone, if the problem is not solved, move to the second step
·         Go to Settings – General –Reset – Reset All Settings. Here, you will be asked for the password and set touch id again, but don’t worry and move with it without any hesitation as your data will not be harmed at all. As said above, even going to the factory setting will help you.

If it does not work, then you will have to visit your nearby phone repair store, there you can avail affordableiPhone 6 screen repair services.

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