Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How Location Services have Evolved in Current Days

No matter where you are, your position can be tracked with ease and that enables the users today to enjoy a lot of fruitful services. In this write-up, you will get to look into this location-based service more closely.
Location based system is somewhat related to the launch of Bluetooth that made its place in the market in the early 2000s. Sending images, videos, photos, and text ads to other Bluetooth enabled devices made it popular in a short span of time. The industry moved on, and within no time LBS hit the market and brought a sudden boom in the Ad market.  Today, LBS allow the users to grab local deals, exploring of new places, and also brings to your myriads of information.
Today, it is connected to every possible network and its significance can be seen while using social media platforms and deal apps.  Facebook, Instagram, Groupon, and m-couponing is some of the apps that will show you what exactly LBS can do. For the providers of Samsung screen repair Mississauga, it has always been beneficial as they can connect with their customers easily.
According to the providers of Samsung Phone Repair Toronto, they don’t have to spend hours looking for a keyword. The search keys accumulated with LBS, make it easier to go for a quick search now.

Let’s see how Samsung leverages the LBS in S Voice.
Recently, Samsung came with the voice-recognition app known as S Voice. This voice recognition app is integrated with Galaxy device experience. You can activate it in the hands-free mode by double-tapping on the home button and say driving mode and navigation. From there S Voice will be your help at every step.
S Voice can tell you small big things like what to wear and when to wear. Yes, it does.Let us tell you how. Ask about the weather of the location and it will tell you the exact weather and will even offer suggestions. S Voice also offers a convenient wake-up command that gives the ability to search contacts, create a new event, set a timer, auto-play music, turning on your Wi-Fi, and change control settings.
Altogether, it has grown too far and is successfully helping the users in their day to day life. In the coming days, we are also expecting some more great features integrated with the LBS.

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