Sunday, 28 August 2016

4 Best Apps to Enjoy Rio 2016 Olympics

All the eyes are set on the Olympics and people are going gaga about it.  The key to enjoyment here is, keeping you updated with the latest happening. It is high time to gear up for Rio 2016 and receive all the latest news and schedules, download the following apps on your phone now. Meant to deliver real-time news, these apps are just fantastic to have on phone. You don’t even need to be at the place to obtain the live views as these apps have everything in store claims the Samsung screen repair Mississauga.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Seldom do we come across apps that are meant to suffice our needs in one go. Archery, skeet, table tennis, basketball or tennis, you can get updated with information related to all these fields. The best thing about this app is you can play the game, complete against players from all over the world and be a part of the world Olympics. This is going to be just fantastic with a quick and efficient control. Things are rather simpler with this app than you would have imagined.
The Olympics
If there is a particular athlete you want to track in the entire Olympics, this is the right way to do it. Showing all the latest results and records from the Olympics, this app lets you track the news, results, as well as schedules. Look for the Olympic Games that you missed due to your busy schedule.  If you want to stay connected to the games throughout the day, make sure you have this app downloaded to your device.
Rio 2016: Quiz
Beinga fun game of question answer, this help you sharpen your memory and know about the games properly. There are different levels of the game and you can challenge your friends with it on different levels. There can’t be a better way to spend your time than this.  With unbelievably easy features, this game can be played online as well as offline. If you are someone who relates to the Olympic fever, then this app is going to work the best for you.
Rio 2016

Stay connected to the world of RIO without having to follow any misleading information. There are real time medal tables, detailed result, and everything that you can miss being away from RIO. Samsung phone repair Toronto, claim it as the best app for the RIO celebration.

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