Monday, 22 August 2016

How to Protect the Data on Your Smartphone

Almost everyone has their important data stored on their Smartphone. Sometimes it becomes the reason of your security breach and brings your data in the hand of intruders. Suddenly you are damaged so much that it can’t be undone. As it is your personal property, you have to take care of it. Until it is too late, be aware of the identity thefts happening around and start keeping your data secure. Here we have some great tricks exclusively for you:
Password protection
This might sound something easy and well-known step for you, but even if it is the oldest technique of maintaining privacy, there remains a way out of it.  If someone gets their hand on your phone, the best way to control it is by opting for a password. When you utilize a password for protecting your data, it minimizes the chances of data theft. According to the iPhone 6 screen repair technicians, the latest phones even provide fingerprint scanner and the best option you can use for security.

 Install a tracker
In case the phone is in the wrong hands, it becomes easier to track the phone via installing a tracking app on the phone. If you have an iPhone app, you can use the app called Find My iPhone to determine where your phone is and then you can track down the thieves. This is just the best app to have claims iPhone6 screen repair service providers.

 Turn off the Bluetooth
Most of the users have the tendency of keeping their Bluetooth on even when they don’t need it. By keeping the Bluetooth on, you make your phones vulnerable to hackers. Make sure you turned off the Bluetooth network after you have used it.
Avoid Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi has become an ultimate source of promotion and some of the bad boys of the cyber world are taking advantage of it. The Wi-Fi setting can be tricked in a way that once you enter the link, you reveal all your secret data stored on the phone. Better stay away from such free networks if you want to control the security of your phone data.
Unknown texts
Everyone receives unknown text on the phone now and then and some of you might even follow the link to see what it is. If you receive a message of this kind make sure you know the person, else avoid following the link.

Take advantage of these tips and you can move ahead with a secure browsing.

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