Tuesday, 13 September 2016

4 cell phone rules you need to set for your kids

Kids usually have cell phones at a very small age these days and it is even needed due to security concerns. To be true, there is nothing wrong in giving them a cell phone, it’s just that you need to be a little careful with what you do. Rules have always proved to be good when it comes to kids, the same goes with this condition. No matter what your kid is up to, there has to be some rule to guide him.  When you give your kids a cell phone, don’t forget to apply these rules, as just these rules will ensure, you are on a better path.   
According to the Samsung galaxy s5 repair Mississauga providers here are the five main ways to set guidelines for the kids:

 Respect the School’s rules
Some of the schools let the students use the cell phone on the school grounds while others don’t. The parents need to keep a check on what the kids are doing and must respect the school rules. Make sure you give proper instructions over the usage of the cell phone to the kids as it is sometimes difficult to instruct small kids.
Urgent Calls
Calls are a thing of past as kids now are more comfortable with texting. You might not have given it a though, but messaging for longer hours is associated with posture and eye troubles. Moreover, during an emergency people prefer to make a call rather than messaging. So, you have to encourage your kids about taking phone calls that are important instead of avoiding because of their preference of messaging.
Track the apps
There are thousands of apps available on the Play Store and Google Play and not all of them are meant for kids. So, it comes as the parent's duty to make their kids aware of what is good and what is bad. Start with the parental control and make sure they download the apps only with your permission.
Track the browsing
Some websites are absolutely not meant for your kid and you need to keep them away from such websites says the Samsung phone parts Mississauga providers. You have to make sure that they are using the cell phones for the right purpose else, once addicted it gets difficult to keep them away from it.

In the end, you have to ensure that they don’t flaunt their phone as a cell phone is always a privilege that not all can access. Showing off is morally incorrect and that every kid should understand says the Samsung phone parts providers.