Monday, 19 September 2016

Common iPhone 6 camera problems and how to fix them?

The iPhone’s camera may be the most popular and perfect smartphone camera to exist, but it cannot be said perfectly. Although the camera has a got a lot of upgrades over the years, it can be subjected to hardware issues and bugs. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most common problems of the camera and also come up with significant iPhone camera repair methods.

Black screen from the Camera app
It is often found as a common problem among iPhone 6 users that sometimes the users see a black screen in the camera app instead of the image they are planning to take. This problem results a big confusion for users. It may be that the problem exists due to the software glitches or bugs in the iOS
Fix for the black screen
The easiest and best iPhone 6 camera repair method for this case is to switch between the front and rear camera, which will automatically fix the issue. The problem generally occurs due to a bug in the iPhone iOS. If the trick doesn’t work exiting the camera and switching it again from the home screen will definitely do the trick. Although the best iPhone 6 camera repair trick is to restart the phone and all will be good

Blurry or out of focus photos
The iOS software offers a lot in terms of advanced algorithms to help you focus on your photograph’s subject automatically. However, users sometimes complain at a certain stage the photos are out of focus or real blur even in best lights. This kind of problem may be occurring due to the smudged lens, which can occur due to contact with greasy fingers. Luckily, there are numerous iPhone 6 camera repair solutions that can solve the issue.
Fix for the blur photos
If your photos are still coming blurry or aren’t focusing, please ensure that your focus settings are put up correctly. Make sure that you are taking the right time to snap the photos. If the problem still exists, they you should get it checked for a problem hardware issue. You can clean the smudge with wet cotton or camera replants.

There are significantly many common problems related to camera malfunctions with iPhone 6 camera and luckily there are an equal number of iPhone 6 camera repair solutions that are very intact and easy to carry out.

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