Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Early arrival of Google Pixel in Australia, thanks to telco’s shopping goof-up

In what can be called a rare phenomenon in the tech industry, customers in Australia are receiving their Google Pixel earlier than the shipping date they were supposed to get. Google Pixel is officially scheduled to release in Australia on 20th October. However one of the lucky customers received an early excitement when he got his hands on the Google Pixel a week earlier than the delivery date. Much to his excitement, the customer has also shared images of his Google Pixel on Reddit which he received a week early.

The Reddit AMA

According to iPhone 6 screen repair Toronto the user who goes by the name of Wooparse has become the talk of the town, with his Reddit AMA sessions giving details about the Google Pixel. According to the user, the Google Pixel he has received is a 32GB storage variant with usable space of 29.7GB. The user was quick to disclose other features of the smartphone claiming that there is no bloatware on the device and has also gone on to publish the benchmark numbers. If the words of the user are to be taken into consideration, the AnTuTu score for the Google Pixel is 142354 whereas the Geekbench 4 scores are 1677 for single core and 3924 for multi-cores.

High-Resolution Video Demo

The Reddit User Wooparse has also tried and tested the video interface of the Pixel and hasn’t missed the chance to bring to the common users. The user uploaded some sample videos showing off Pixel’s much talked about low light video stabilization as well as the 4K video stabilization.

Telstra’s explanation

The show talk got, even more, creamier when one of the users of Reddit who identified himself as the Telstra representative, the company responsible for the shipping of Pixel claimed that the issue was nothing new with Telstra.  He clarified that the person concerned with the shipping orders does tend to ship things out a week in advance.

Google’s marketing stint

The situation is often termed by many as a marketing stunt by Google to counter its major rivals and give a hands-on launch to its first hardware product in the smartphone industry. Google has already spent a whopping $3.2mn on ads for the Pixel and Pixel XL. It has also enabled custom features which make a pop up on google search in case you are looking or searching up for anything related to the pixel.
Whatever may be the reasons, there is no doubt in the fact the Google Pixel has taken the market by storm and its time that key players tighten up their laces as it seems Pixel is here to stay. However customers will have to wait a little longer to lay their hands on the Pixel as there are very slight chances of anymore early shipping.
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