Monday, 21 November 2016

**Samsung restores Sales in South Korea after its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco**

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is nowhere ready to take a halt. The flagship Smartphone is exploding and has caused some serious damage to life and property. Sources blame the faulty batteries for this big explosion and there have been more than 70 cases in the US itself. Following the mishap the software giant had to call off over 2.5 million Note 7s. The problem started just after the launch that was August 19 and after this Samsung had to stop the shipment.
The trouble didn’t end here due to government intervention that came in due to the extension of the refund period. In order to speed up the process, Samsung did release a temporary software “patch” to store the battery capacity at 60%. The crisis isn’t even fixed yet as we are still not sure if Samsung has met its 80% recall quota or not. However, the good news is the new sales have already started as decided earlier.
Undoubtedly, Samsung has to pay a lot for this unforgettable mistake in the tech world and if you go by the figures, there is a loss of over $2 billion. That’s a whopping huge loss for sure says the Samsung repair Toronto service providers.

But even in the crisis, the tech giant promised to come out as a winner and restored its sale in South Korea. Even the advertisement is kicking up and in the big move to compensate the previous blunder; it has given an offer of 50% discount on screen repairs for whoever buys a Galaxy Note7 in October.
As for the other parts of the world, the sales has already picked up in the USA with green battery icon on it while Europe is expected to resume the sales by the end of November. Samsung lovers are looking forward to the new release and hopes are high this time. Why not, one mistake cannot erase all the luxury of gadgets Samsung has delivered till date. And, we can even say Samsung has accepted the mistake sportingly and is even providing a genuine refund to the buyers.
So, if you had planned to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and dishearten with the earlier happening, this is the time to hit the nearby Samsung phone repair Toronto. Get ready and grab the phone before the discounts are gone.

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