Friday, 23 December 2016

Galaxy S8 to sport a front camera with autofocus

Samsung has a lot of influence in the smartphone market. This will continue, despite the recent Note 7 fiascos because of Samsung’s history for producing advanced tech at semi-affordable rates, along with a wide range of products. Malfunctioning phones can also be checked out by dedicated services like Samsung Phone Repair. Throwing away electronics contributes to e-waste which isn't desirable at all. The Korea based company is constantly trying to up its game with new advancements.

The latest to come out is a touted feature in the upcoming Galaxy S8. This could be the route to turn Samsung’s fortunes around. It had all the latest advancements such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830, the latest Android OS, super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and an iris scanner. The most endearing advancements might be the front camera though.
Selfies are all the rage nowadays and users are always looking for the best situations to capture those memories. Naturally, they look for the best cameras that can enable them to do so. Manufacturers are trying to keep up the demand for better front cameras that can be packed into available bezel spaces, while increasing the resolution and features. The Galaxy S8 is going with the flow as it is touted to add an auto focus feature to its front camera, which will make it stand out in the current fixed focus scenario.
Auto focus will help users take photos of objects from various distances from the frame, as opposed to just people at arm’s length. This, plus a dual 12 MP camera with phase detection for the autofocus, OIS and dual LED flash will make it tough to beat. The company is speculated to employ an encoder type actuator to assist in the autofocus feature. This component also allows for thinner smartphone designs, but the company clammed up when asked for comments. They employed their discretion policy regarding discussion of products that haven't been commercialized yet.

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