Wednesday, 28 December 2016

**Google Sheets Mobiles and its helpful features **

In this fast paced world, we find ourselves in need of easy and quick ways to share data. We also have to find ways to ensure the correct data reaches the correct people and is updated instantly. Calling a meeting every time you want to share results and documents aren’t feasible and that is where cloud based collaborative options come in. Google is at the forefront of these advancements with features like Drive and Sheets. Sheets which started in 2014 are an Excel like app that allows multiple users to share and edit data in real time, perfect for people on the go. It is available in the computer and mobile as well. The mobile version is also fairly advanced and provides you with some interesting feature. Here they are:
1. The app recently had an update. It provides a more intuitive experience. A smart keyboard provides an alphabetic interface or a numeric one depending on which cell you've selected. This isn't a device wide update due to the feature not being standardized. However, your phone will get it soon, even if you don't have this finer feature yet.
2. Google Sheets will automatically fill in any repeated data or even complete a pattern. A step up from predictive text makes information entry easier and more efficient than before. It is somewhat like the iPhone management apps says the iPhone 6 screen repair service providers, but with more extensive features.

3. The mobile version allows for a degree of personal customization. Case in point, Mapping Sheets allows you to customize Google Maps and plan trips. You also have the ability to create your own add-ons for Sheets. Enhance your knowledge about HTML and CSS and you'll be well on your way to having Google Sheets at your beck and call.
4. Sheets include a Table of Contents (TOC). This is something usually present in Google Docs but the importance of a TOC for data entry is being recognized and spreadsheets now have a TOC with links which make it simpler to add data or to find it.
5. Data has to be manipulated at a precise level at times. Sheets allow you to fine tune info with the additional feature of conditional formatting. Select ‘Format’ after highlighting a range of cells and click ‘conditional formatting’. You can now build a set of guidelines that will cater to your formatting needs. Changing colour, date, font and applying specific bonds and italics are now selectively possible.

So use these helpful features to ensure your work gets done and shared quickly and efficiently. Affordable iPhone 6 screen repair technicians look forward to leverage these features to a great level now. 

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