Wednesday, 5 April 2017

4 ways to keep your phone charged in a black out

A smart phone is more like a life support for everyone. Daily routine, Google, health tips, and work management, everything is dependent on this small device. But even this source can go useless when it is out of power. Yes, there can be chances when the lights of the area go out, and your phone is left without battery. If you are stuck in any such situation, there are still a few ways to get out of it.
Check out these 5 tips to keep your phone charged even during blackouts:
Keep your laptops charged
Laptops can save you from a lot of trouble when there is no light around you. Turn on the laptop and connect your phone using a data cable. A laptop can charge your phone many times a day, and a newer laptop can do it more times and in a better way.
Keep your phone in a Low Power Mode
When you see that your phone’s battery is draining, you always have the option to control the battery consumption. Most of the phone has the lower power mode, and you can set it by going to the settings of your phone. On the Android phone, you can simply swipe down the menu, and you will find the “Power saving” icon.
Use your car
Most new cars have USB ports and that leaves you with a chance to get your battery charged in any situation. Usually, there are one or two USB ports in the car, and if you have a newer car battery, you can charge your phone more than 3 times.
Buy an external charger
Portable smart phone battery charger can be helpful in charging phones when there are no other means of charging left. There are so many power banks available in the market, and most of the cell phone brands are launching their external charger. So, whatever brand of phone you use, you can choose one of the suitable power banks.
Try to keep you phone charged most of the time says the Apple iPhone accessories provider and even if your phone keeps draining, visit your local apple iPhone accessories or other electronic stores to get an additional source of charge.

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