Sunday, 7 May 2017

How to keep a smart phone from being hacked

You might have covered your phone with the best screen protector and phone guard, but what about the data of your phone. Even when you have your phone safely placed in a bag, your data is always at risk. Data theft is an increasing concern when most of your personal data that are available online. Even when the big companies are trying best to protect their data, there is no denying, that some of the big companies like Facebook and Google have faced hacker’s threat.  When such big companies can find their data at risk, you have to find ways to keep your data secure. Here we are going to show some way to protect your phone

Lock the phone
People have a habit of keeping of their phone open as they don’t want to unlock it again and again. But, it’s a must to follow safety rule. Set a password and keep changing it often so as to avoid any invading. One best way to do so is using the face recognition feature using which you can unlock your phone after the face detection.
Activate trackers capability
If you have kept the phone’s tracker capability on, you can see the location of yours on a map. This will keep your phone under reach and can also be handled remotely. This one quick step makes it harder for the hackers to access the data and your phone will remain safe says the apple iPhone parts providers.

Update your phone
Cell phone providers keep updating the security features of the phone, and these updates are based on the malware that has been recently found on the web. So, keep your phone safe from the new viruses and malware, you need to update your phone.
Only trusted apps
No need to have every random app on your phone. Get only authenticated apps so that there is no chance of infection in your phone. Before downloading any app, you should read the reviews carefully so as to avoid any infections. For more information about this, visit the nearby iPhone Canada store.
Use safe Wi-Fi

You will find free Wi-Fi at most of the places, but always remember that not all of them will be safe. If you are browsing from unknown Wi-Fi, make sure you do it in safe mode. For the best results avoid banking and shopping on these networks. Simple browsing is best recommended on unknown connections.

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