Monday, 18 June 2018

Which one will you choose between Samsung or iPhone ?

Talk about smartphones and there are so many to choose from. Google pixel, Samsung, iPhones, LG, and a number of other cell phone manufacturers are already there in the competition. Because of their ultimate productivity, it has become difficult for the users to find a phone that suits their needs.
There is a list of attributes; you need to understand, including the screen size, operating system details, processor, price, and so much. We are here to help with all the information needed to buy a smartphone.

Android or iPhone

Even though there are so many phone manufactures in the smartphone world. 50% users are confused over iPhone and Samsung. No wonder both of these brands are the aces of the market and you get quite a deal buying these phone says the Apple iPhone 5 accessories providers.
Let us tell you if you get an iPhone, it can expect the easiest interface and ultimate security. But if you are trying to get your hands on a variety of features, go for android. Even the hardware choices are a lot more than that of iPhone.
For those who want to experience something different, there are Windows phones too.

What’s your budget

A Samsung phone can be bought at the price of $700 and above, while the latest of the iPhone comes at the cost of $1000. However, there are so many cheap options too in the market. These expensive flagships are a super pack of everything that the smartphone world has to offer. You need to get specific with your requirement and you can cut your budget too says the iPhone 5 accessories online merchants.

Get the right screen size

The 5.5-inch screen is the most popular size for a smartphone. If you have smaller hands, stick to the smaller ones and if you have are more into videos and images, better stick to a larger size of a smartphone screen. The early versions of Apple phones were all small in size, but the latest of it, including iPhone X has a decent size. On the other hand, Samsung has a variety of sizes to offer.

Don’t just focus on megapixels

While buying Smartphones people are always blinded by the number of megapixels. But it is not just megapixels that you should think about but aspects like lower aperture, dual lenses, and optical image stabilization. These are a few factors that will help you harness a better and clearer image. Comparing iPhone and Samsung on Camera’s front? iPhone always wins. 

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