Monday, 18 July 2016

4 Tips For An Efficient Use Of Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy has been in the market since a lot of time now, yet some of the users out there are not able to leverage its functionality fully. One main reason behind this is they are unaware of the trickiest functionalities it poses. You might not know, but it does come with a series of fabulous features. With so many apps and excellent features, these Samsung phones have always been great to explore. So, here we are going to make the functionality more fun by telling you its secret features:
The Quick Setting
Samsung is one of those phones that always try to bring the quickest access to the desired features. This couldn’t have been possible without the quickest setting feature. Wi-Fi mode, screen rotation, Bluetooth, and Phone modes, most of the important and highly used features are available under the quick setting features. Slide down the top bar of the phone and you can control a whole lot of features from there. If you are anyhow finding difficulty in the same, go for the Samsung phone repairs Mississauga without any hesitation.

Samsung Voice Assistant
How about verbally commanding Google to search for a Song? Yes, this is possible with the Galaxy series. Anyone will love this feature, but the unfortunate part is most of the users out there are not using this feature. The S Voice feature available on the Samsung phones does exactly what you wish it to do.
Two Apps in one Screen
Chatting with someone important and don’t want to miss the video. Let it go side by side for you by opting for the Multi-Window option. By turning this option on, you can play multiple windows on one screen. This makes life a whole lot easier where you can do anything without taking a halt. So, next time, whether it’s a message or game, bring on your multitasking side forward.
Customize the Setting Menu
If you favor one feature over another, make it your priority in one go. The whole Samsung setting is just one click away. Swipe the top of the screen down and tap on the grid button. From here drag on the apps and functionality you want to keep on top. This makes things a lot easier.

So, these were some quick picks of the Samsung Galaxy series. Make your experience better with it.

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