Sunday, 10 July 2016

6 Best Smartphone’s For Seniors in 2016

The world of cell phones has evolved a lot nowadays. Sometimes ago it was the flip phones that gathered all the attention, but now it is the smart phones that have left behind all the models. These bigger and better screen is fun to use and can let you handle many works remotely. But not all sections of the society can use these phones. According to the iPhone 6 screen repair service
 technicians, they often hear senior citizens complaining about the cell phones. For the seniors, they have difficulty in hearing and even their sight is weaker. Here we have listed 5 cell phones for the seniors based on the ease of readability, ease of use, false light, and volume.
1.      HTC Desire Eye E1
Affordability, full HD display, and the superb sound quality bring this phone on the top choice for senior citizens. The 5.2 inch display ensures the ease of browsing.
2.      Samsung Jitterbug Touch 3
A great Smartphone for seniors under $100. Compatible with hearing aid, this Smartphone is the first choice of senior citizens. So, if you want to gift something to your parents, go for this phone without any hesitation. It even comes with the touch buttons that are easy to navigate and have built-in apps for medical care.
3.      Blue Advance 5.0
The cheapest senior friendly Smartphone in the market is Blue advance 5.0. With an excellent battery life, this Smartphone has quality sound, good display, and camera on the both sides. To be more specific, this one is powered by the latest Android OS. Even though the memory of the phone is very low, it can be considered as the best deal for this price.
4.      Nokia Lumia 1020
As Nokia Lumia 1020 has the screen that avoids the night glares, it is quite obvious that it will offer ease of reading to the seniors. Even in the excessive light the 4.5-inch screen an easy reading for the seniors. Quality sound, double camera, and flashlight make it a must for the senior citizens.
5.      LG G2
With one of the best processors, the 5.2-inch screen has an autofocus camera with flash.  Moreover, it is easier to handle due to its slick others say the iPhone 6 screen repair services providers. With all the extra features this phone can easily fit into their lifestyle.
6.      Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The 5.5 inches screened iPhone is recommended for senior citizens with fading eyesight. Even the great sounds of this phone make it the right pick for senior citizens and in case of any trouble you can easily get affordable iPhone 6 screen repair services.

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