Sunday, 31 July 2016

How to Ensure Online Security?

Nowadays the online security risk is increasing constantly and hackers around the world are in search of just one opportunity to put their hands on your ids and passwords. Not just bank accounts, these hackers can also take advantage of your social media and email accounts. Despite the fact that every website claims to be 100% secure, it is not hidden that even the most popular websites have been unsuccessful in securing online security. If you do not want to fall into the hands of the hackers, then follow the tips brought to you by iPhone 6 screen repair technicians:

·         Password security
Whatever password you chose, it should be strong enough to give some tough time to hackers. You need to know that hackers make every possible effort to crack your password.  Hence, going for a simple combination will not accomplish the purpose. If you want to play smart make sure, you go for a password generator to serve the purpose. The password generators allow you to create random strong passwords that you might not able to chose. Moreover, you should be sure about changing your passwords too often. For an utterly secure password, it is recommended to go for password change regularly.
·         Stay Aware of Phishing
Phishing is nothing other than logging into a website that looks like the actual website, but in reality, it’s a fake page that will obtain the Ids and password of the account. Such type of phishing page is obtained via email and messages, hence, before clicking on any of the pages, cross check it. Usually, banks send any important information via a more secure way, not through any email or message. Make sure you do not follow any such fake links at any condition.
·         Install antivirus software
One of the biggest threats for the cell phones and tablets are the viruses that often enter the phone without a warning. These viruses often come via the sites you have browsed or the infected apps. Make sure your cell phone has the antivirus software installed on it. Generally people ignore the antivirus software, but let us tell you this is as important as getting a cell phone. According to the iPhone 6 screen repair technician, some of the most common issues faced by the Smartphone users are caused due to viruses. And, to be true, it can be avoided for sure.

Take a cue from here and move ahead with a secure browsing.

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