Monday, 10 October 2016

A Waterproof Cell Phone – Everything you need to Know

Smartphones are perhaps the most important part of everyone's life. One of the most horrible events of life is losing them at some point of life or damaging them with an unwanted element something like water. We try our best to protect this precious possession from any sort of damage, yet it is hard to always keep them safe. Thanks to the advancement of the technology that has led us to some better gadgets and one of those appreciable features we are going to talk over here are Water Resistance Features.
In recent years, cell phone companies have taken a huge leap towards better Smartphone and better functioning. Stronger glasses, tougher material, and waterproof phones, our Smartphone is getting better day by day. In the race of coming forward in the waterproofing technologies, some of the big brands like Sony and Samsung have made statement moves. Even Apple is hoping to enter this race soon.
How is Water Resistance Measured?
Most of the cell phones out there are claiming to be water resistant. But water resistance is different than you think of as the efficiency of the phone depends on what sort of shield your cell phone is getting. It is important to know how manufacturers measure the level of water protection.
Technically the water repellent property of a phone is determined by the cell phone’s ability to repel dust and water. The rating is followed by the numbers that are assigned according to the phone’s ability to repel water and dust. The actual term used for this rating is Ingress Protection. If a phone has IP rating 6 you can be sure that none of the solid particles will be able to invade the internal area of the phone. For IP rating of 5, the Samsung phone repairs, Mississauga say that here some of the dust particles may enter the phone, but it is not always responsible for hindering your phone’s functionality.

If the phone can tolerate normal water splashes and rain drops, then it has the water resistant capacity of 7. According to the Samsung repair Toronto for cell phones that can survive all types of water issues for a long time, the IP rating should be above 7 that is either 8 or 9.
The next time you buy a phone, make sure you know the IP ratings properly and make sure you have the right phone for the right purpose. 

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