Monday, 17 October 2016

How to conserve your cell phone’s battery?

Cell phones have become an integral part of today’s life and we can’t imagine living without it for longer terms. In fact, most of the day work depends on the cell phone only. Starting from the morning-selfie to the whole day schedule, everything is there in the phone only. However, one thing that always hinders the functionality of this luxurious purchase is the battery. However, there are ways by which you can save the battery drainage for sure. The Samsung repair Toronto services says that no matter which phone you have, after one or two years of usage some or other battery troubles starts rising and to escape this problem here are some effective tips:

Dim it now
Your cell phone screen is lightened with several image pixels and the efficiency of these pixels defines the image and texts of the phone screen. These pixels are also responsible for the battery drainage. All the time when you have higher screen brightness or wallpaper with bright images, your battery will be highly drained. To fix this problem, lower your screen brightness and select wallpaper with darker shades says the genuine Samsung Phone parts

Close those unwanted apps
Agree or not, it is a fact that an average cell phone has more than 5 open apps that have not been used for the last few hours. So, it is using your cell phone’s battery without being in real use. As a wise smartphone user, you should close the apps when they are not used. Else, it will keep using your cell phone battery without any hindrance.
Close the Bluetooth
Technically, Bluetooth is one such device that uses the least in comparison to other cell phone application, yet it is the main cause of battery drainage. It takes hardly one click to turn off the Bluetooth, we still dread doing it. Even from the point of security, it breaches the normal security norms. The same goes with the Wi-Fi usage, shut it down the moment you stop using the network. This will save the battery drainage along with maintaining the security.
Track that one app
There can be one app that can degrade the performance of the entire phone and if you track it down, things are going to be a lot simpler. Once you get that app, better uninstall it.               

If nothing works, Samsung phone repair Toronto is always available for your rescue.                                                               

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