Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to have a Long Lasting Battery Life?

A battery is the most important component of a device and if it goes dead during certain circumstances, things can really get annoying. But whatever you do, there are times in which you get into this situation for sure. So, if you are looking forward to saving yourself from any such trouble, then here we are with the right advice, tricks and tips. No matter what model or phone, you have, there is always certain limitation when you buy a phone. Usually, the lifespan of a battery is 3-5 years and after that, you need to replace the battery. However, if you have to increase the battery life of your phone, here are a few tricksfrom the iPhone 6 screen repair service providers.

Keep it above 50%
The first tip, here we have for you aredoing let the battery drain completely as it is going to make your phone’s battery perform in a bad way. Keep it above 50% for most of the time to expand the life of the phone. It is OK for emergency times, but having it below average all the time is a bad habit. The minimum charge should be 20% and once a month goes for 0%.
Don’t Leave the Charging on for Overnight
Most of the people have the habit of leaving the phone in charge mode for longer hours, but this is really a bad habit. Overheating can be the cause of battery damage and that is where the problem starts. Try charging the phone in working hours, so that you can have to keep a watch when the charging completes.
Go for Original Chargers
For any cell phone, you should stick to the original chargers. To save a few bucks, people opt for duplicate batteries and cause harm to the cell phone. Try buying genuine affordable iPhone 6 screen repair from a genuine store and increase the battery life of your phone.

Storing your Battery
If you are leaving a cell phone battery without using them for a long time, then better leave them on a charge of 50% so that they can be charged again without any problem. If you leave them above 50%, then it can be recharged with ease.
Try these tips and improve the functioning of your phone along with the battery performance.

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